Achievements 7.7.17

The following children have been on green all week: Jack C, Megan, Tayler, Emily, Sam S, Jake, Rebecca, Keira, Jamie, Isabelle, Lexi, Mya, Sam R, Henry, Jacob, Lilly, Bailey, Jack A and James. Well done everyone 🙂

Our raffle winner this week is Lilly. Keep up the hard work.

The children have been to high school this week and all seem to have really enjoyed it!

SATs results have been published and they have been sent home. I am extremely proud of each of the children in the class.

James has earned his Bronze award for meeting 10 targets this year. Megan has earned her platinum award for meeting 40 targets this year. Stanley has earned a special certificate of achievement for meeting 90 targets this year 🙂 Wow.

Isabelle and Patrick have earned their half marathon certificate.

Achievements 30.6.17

The following children have been on green all week: Dainton, Stanley, Rebecca, Jack C, Lexi, Jacob, Henry, Jack A, Sam R, Mya, Emily, Sam S, Keira, Megan, Tayler, Jamie, Lilly, Ella, Bailey and Nathan Bu. Well done everyone!

Joshua has earned his 150 House Point rosette. Jack C, Jake, Tayler and Jamie have all earned their 200 House Point rosette. Ella and Megan have earned their 300 House Point rosettes. Fantastic job everyone.

Lexi, Isabelle, Ella, Henry, Jacob, Keira, Sam S, Mya, Lilly, Stanley, Jackson, James, Lewis, Jack C, Nathan Br and Megan have all earned a certificate for completing half a marathon during our daily mile.

Our raffle winner this week is Henry! Keep it up 🙂